In 2019 the 100 years since the death of the great Auguste Renoir are celebrated.

To better introduce this artist to the general public, a project was created that combines the two arts that he has always loved: painting and music.

By carefully analyzing his life, one cannot help but notice how curiosity has always characterized the existence of Renoir who, although establishing himself as a great artist over time, had a certain preference for music. This aspect, mostly hidden, emerges from childhood and is expressed in his most famous paintings, such as the Moulin de la Galette.

The young Renoir, in fact, after following Gounod’s lessons, abandoned his singing career despite the harsh opposition of the maestro, to undertake that of painting. But music will continue to accompany him in life. Attracted by the great classics like Johann Sebastian Bach and Mozart, he greatly appreciated the contemporaries Offenbach and Chabrier who loved to portray in his canvases.

Among the composers and musicians who posed for him, in addition to a good number of compatriots, from the talented Benjamin Godard to the bizarre Ernest Cabaner, Richard Wagner also finds a place, during a meeting, the outcome of which was unhappy, which took place in Palermo in January 1882.

The initiative that sees two top-level professionals on the field: Daniela Lauria, art critic and historian, and Angelica Cirillo, soprano.

Together, they will bring events in prestigious locations where moments of great music and song will intersperse, with narrations, with projections of art images.

With the help of music, combined with images, each viewer will be able to grasp the essence of Renoir’s artistic and human genius, who loved art in all its forms.

Anyone interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.