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Who is Daniela? Difficult to answer this question in a few words, but if I had to define, I would use an adjective only: a dreamer, like all people belonging to the sign of cancer, although in my case I think they have a little ‘exaggerated.

But from the beginning, my name is Daniela Lauria I was born and raised in Liguria have always been passionate about art since I was a child: my first artistic approach was 5 years old when I thought with markers to add a personal touch the new upholstery of the room.

The experiment did not prove the most successful, so much so that my mother, black with rage, she bought me a book with a picture of Van Gogh’s sunflowers and I, even then, I realized that as an artist I would have no future, but as a historian and critic I could play my cards.

I graduated with honors in Modern Literature initially with historic and artistic address at the University of Genoa, then, in the same faculty, I entered the Postgraduate School of Art History, under the guidance of prof. Franco Sborgi, to whom I owe a lot.

I started working as a historian and critic of contemporary art, but in the meantime I also started teaching at the high school with great satisfaction. If you want to know more you can see my CV.

Curriculum Vitae

Consultations for art

In addition to its scientific activities and curatorship, I’m part of the register of experts and experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia, they are also a consultant for contemporary art in communication and promotion for cultural projects and events.

I obtained the Master’s Degree at the IULM University of Milan to become an expert in Art and Art Market Management Advisor.
My academic background, coupled with direct experience, allowed me to know the dynamics in the art world, constantly changing.

Consultancy for artist

On-site or online consultancy for artists: I offer a personalized project as part of the promotion.

Project strategy

Identify management, potentials and problems in the project strategy.

Curating collections

Cataloging, evaluation, investment, promotion and exhibitions

Writing for art

Critical essays, biographies, content for web pages, editorials, articles and catalogs for collections and artists.


Seminars, conferences for associations, organizations, private persons and companies on a wide range of topics related to art market.

Legal Assitance

Legal assistance for the protection of copyright, intellectual property and protection of works of art by Studio Legale. Maria Pia Leziroli.

17Years of teaching
26Curated exhibitions
31Essays and articles

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In 2019 the 100 years since the death of the great Auguste Renoir are celebrated. To better introduce this artist to the general public, a project was created that combines the two arts that he...


In the early twentieth century, in Liguria there was a strong increase in the production of olive oil, a phenomenon due to the introduction of chemistry, which made it possible to make edible even those...

What do I like? Surely it art in all its forms and expression, travel, chocolate, colors, especially yellow and red, Latin, my dog, my family and my friends.
What do you hate? Laziness, people who surrender, the rudeness and who has a tendency to always see all black.
They say they are very fussy work. I would say that now you know almost everything about me…
Daniela Lauria


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