There was a magic in the air

The exhibition  … .there was a magic in the air … “The great artistic season Albisola  by the critic  Daniela Lauria. It focuses on the extraordinary pottery works, paintings and sculpture of a circle of artists, today known around the world (among others, Fontana, Jorn, Appel, Capogrossi, Scanavino etc), in a golden age between the years 50 and 60 of the 900 have given birth in Albisola, a single creative team, supported and encouraged by the Ceramiche San Giorgio, looking company by Giovanni Poggi – who founded along with Eliseo Salino and still Opificio soul – always looking for a production of high artistic quality.

Throughout the pages of the catalog you can see major achievements of the aforementioned 900 teachers, as well as works by artists as well known and significant both in modern art, such Simondo, Sassu, Fabbri, Cherchi, Salino, Lam and Sabatelli, both contemporary as Casagrande, Timour Lam, Lerpa, Bolano, Hizler, also exhibited at the MOMA in New York.

The path traced, in fact, wants to offer an accurate testimony and throbbing of a unique season that – as Scanavino in the sentence that gives the title to the exhibition – was lived in an aura enchanted, which made possible the birth of level art movements European and world (just think of the spatialism, the Cobra group and at the International situationist). 

The exhibition was inaugurated Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 16.30 at the Art Gallery La Luna, Via Roma 92, Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cn) and at 18.00 at Peano, Corso Francia 47 Foundation. 

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