The important role of the Art Advisor


In recent years, the role of the ART ADVISOR is becoming increasingly important in the context of the sale and enhancement of an art collection.

This professional figure joins all those who wish to sell and buy art, advising and evaluating on the basis of requests but above all to the PASSION of their client. Yes, it is precisely the passion that, without a shadow of a doubt, plays a key role when it comes to art: it is the passion that drives an artist to create a unique work that is the result of the right mix of talent, skill and experience … and it is always the passion that drives a collector to buy and collect works of art, that unstoppable desire to surround himself with objects that are linked to his own taste and personal aspirations.

The ART ADVISOR therefore, through a lucid analysis, is able to accompany all these delicate processes by putting professionalism, a deep knowledge of the market and a great passion for their work into the field. The art market is full of pitfalls: too often it is characterized by poor transparency and often you can run the risk of investing too much money for a good that is not really worth that amount.

Let’s not forget that each work of art represents a unique product, therefore, before a purchase it is important to carry out a survey of the market value, which not only takes into account the quotations of similar works but which is also able to give the right value to the history of the good itself. Before each investment it is necessary to know clearly what you want: if you want to bet on young artists, aiming for the primary market, you will need to select the most talented and professional ones, or you can aim for the secondary market by purchasing the works made by artists now historicized and fully appreciated by the market.