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Art Consultant - Art Curator - Art Advisor

About me

I am an Art Consultant, Curator, and Art Historian.
I earned a degree and a specialization in Art History from the University of Genoa, a second-level Master’s in Art Market Management from IULM University in Milan, and participated in training courses in Germany and Milan. I have been a university lecturer at the Université de Sophia Antipolis in France and a research fellow at the University of Genoa.
I worked as an art cataloger for the Superintendence for Historical, Artistic, and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Liguria.

My Education

I conducted research at the University of Genoa (A.D.A.C.) for ministerial projects from 2001 to 2008.
I collaborated with private collectors for the organization of archives, appraisals, and evaluations of collections. As a scientific consultant, I contributed to the creation of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Imperia (M.A.C.I.) and the Perrando Museum – Bianchi Collection in Sassello. Since 2004, I have been the scientific consultant for the Guatelli historic can collection in Chiusanico.
I have curated over 25 temporary exhibitions, published 10 books, and written over 46 essays and articles.

I am Daniela Lauria

Art consultant

“Every work of art is unique, and its cultural and economic value is influenced by numerous factors.

My mission is to help you fully understand the value of each piece, both from an aesthetic perspective and as an investment.

I am committed to ensuring your satisfaction by offering a comprehensive range of services.



I am ready to guide you through the fascinating world of art, offering professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. I am convinced of the necessity to provide a personalized and independent service that aligns with the specific needs and vision of each individual collector.

Studio autentica e attribuzione

Authentication, Attribution, Study

Thanks to twenty years of experience as an expert and art historian, I am able to offer a tailor-made service that meets every need. The guarantee of the originality of a work of art is the cornerstone of my mission. The process of Study, Authentication, and Attribution is carried out meticulously.
I am committed to historical research and scientific analysis to ensure the integrity of each piece. My aim is to ensure that every masterpiece submitted to me is accurately attributed to its creator and presented with full transparency for safe collecting.



The provenance of a work of art is its essence. Therefore, I am committed to meticulously reconstructing it, from its original creation to the present day. This detailed account, which includes ownership history, documentation of sales, exhibitions, and public mentions, is essential for confirming the authenticity of the work, its value, the legitimacy of its acquisition, and enriches the understanding of its historical and cultural context. Provenance ensures that each artistic creation comes to you with a clear past and unquestionable quality, promising not only an aesthetic vision but also a safe and rewarding investment.



I conduct accurate evaluations of the value of artworks, based on the artist, execution characteristics, conservation status, and market value. In the process of attributing a work to an artist, I rely on in-depth bibliographic, photographic, and archival research. Regarding contemporary art, authenticity verification of a work also occurs through direct comparison with the artist, heirs, or foundations.

Daniela Lauria consulente darte

Purchase and Sale Consulting

I offer consulting services for the sale and purchase of artworks. I am able to provide accurate analysis of various sales options, ensuring confidentiality and neutrality in choices. Not being bound by exclusive relationships, I can identify the preferred sales channel, whether through auctions or private negotiations. Regarding purchases, I offer qualified consultancy that assists collectors in identifying authentic works with a balanced quality-to-price ratio.

Realizzazione e Gestione collezione darte

Creation and Management of Art Collection

I offer a personalized service for the management and enhancement of art collections, both existing and expanding. I handle the cataloging and in-depth study of artworks, providing consultancy for the creation of new collections. I coordinate all phases of acquisition, production, transportation, and installation. Cataloging allows for the gathering of detailed information about assets, facilitating the protection and enhancement of artworks. My service is aimed at private collections, museums, archives, foundations, and scientific institutes. I take utmost care in managing my clients’ artistic treasures. I am here to preserve, enhance, and grow your artistic heritage

archivi dartista

Creation and Management of Artist Archives

I handle archival work, cataloging, historical research, and the drafting of scientific and informative materials for artists, collections, and institutions. I design and implement databases for the storage of artworks according to reasoned and scientific parameters. Additionally, I offer services for the conceptualization, design, and organization of exhibition projects in both institutional and commercial spaces, as well as the creation of exhibition catalogs, monographs, and reasoned catalogs.


Art curator

A curatorial service for exhibitions for institutions, museums, art galleries, or artists themselves to plan, organize, and coordinate art exhibitions. This includes selecting works to display, designing the exhibition space, choosing installations, and drafting explanatory texts. I focus on creating a coherent exhibition path and offering a meaningful interpretation of the exhibited works. The curatorial service aims to convey a consistent artistic message, engage the audience, and promote a thorough understanding of the exhibited artworks.

Formazione e Coaching

Training and Coaching

I offer a wide range of training activities. My courses aim to provide a solid understanding of the dynamics of the art market, both for artists wishing to successfully enter this field and for young students, recent graduates, and financial consultants who want to learn about the importance of art advisory services within a client’s financial portfolio. In addition to training, I also engage in the dissemination of the study of art history and its market through online and printed publications. I aim to share knowledge and experiences to spread greater awareness and appreciation for art, in an accessible way for all.

collaborazione e coaching


I collaborate with legal, tax, and banking professionals for inheritance divisions, evaluations, appraisals, and estimations. Additionally, I design tailor-made artistic interventions for the interiors and exteriors of private homes, businesses, offices, and hospitality structures, integrating art with design and the architectural, natural, or urban context.


I have always considered writing for Art as one of the fundamental aspects of my profession. Therefore, I dedicate a good portion of my career to outreach activities through the publication of books, critical texts, articles in magazines, and scientific contributions related to the world of art.

I segreti per avere successo nel mondo dell'arte

I segreti per avere successo nel mondo dell'arte
(Italian version only)

This is a straightforward yet comprehensive guide that provides a complete overview of the often complex and unwritten rules of the art market

I premi Sanremo d'arte e letteratura (1935-1940)

I Premi Sanremo d'arte e letteratura (1935-1940)
(Italian version only)

This essay offers a unique insight into Italian culture during the 1930s, delving into the 'prize system' that played a fundamental role internationally as well, serving as a meeting point for the various artistic trends of the time.

C'era nell'aria una magia

"…C’era nell’aria una magia…"
(Italian version only)

The catalogue, accompanying the exhibition at the Peano Foundation in Cuneo, is dedicated to the extraordinary ceramic, painting, and sculpture works by world-renowned artists (such as Fontana, Jorn, Appel, Capogrossi, Scanavino) who, in the 1950s and 1960s, created in Albisola a renowned artistic circle throughout Europe.

Lattine italiane per olio d'oliva, 1860-1960

Italian Olive Oil Tins, 1860-1960

The volume documents the Guatelli Collection, the most important collection of tin boxes for olive oil. Designed by national and international artists, these boxes testify to the combination of technological-industrial progress and artistic research between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Cervo. Storie di pittura piemontese del novecento in Liguria
(Italian version only)

In the late 1940s and 1950s, the small medieval village of Cervo, overlooking the sea, exerted a special charm on a group of artists and intellectuals, including Nino Aimone Felice Casorati, Francesco Casorati, Mauro Chessa, Carlo Levi, Piero Martina, Daphne Maugham Casorati, Francesco Menzio, and Ennio Morlotti, who chose it as their summer residence, giving rise to a rich artistic and cultural circle.

Daphne Maugam Casorati

Daphne Maugham Casorati
(Italian version only)

The catalogue accompanied the first anthological exhibition dedicated to the painter Daphne Maugham Casorati, wife of Felice Casorati.

Turismo d'Autore - Lauria

Turismo d'Autore
(Italian version only)

The volume, enriched with images and period documents, offers an important key to understanding the evolution of tourism in Liguria and its connection with culture and art between the 1920s and the 1970s.

Art World Secrets, Your Passion is a Million Dollars Business

Art World Secrets, Your Passion is a Million Dollars Business

What are the secrets to making real deals in the art world? Why does one artwork cost millions while another remains unsold? How is an artwork appraised? When does art represent a good investment opportunity? A simple yet comprehensive guide that will lead you towards understanding and comprehending the art market with its complex and too often "unwritten" rules.

Arte e Scienza Collezione della Fondazione CIMA

Arte e Scienza Collezione della Fondazione CIMA

The International Research Center for Environmental Monitoring (CIMA), an international excellence in scientific research, has also assembled an exceptional and noteworthy art collection. The volume illustrates this strong bond that has always united art and science.



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    The most frequently asked questions

    When inheriting a work of art, it is crucial to ascertain its authenticity and value. it is essential to check that you have the necessary documentation to prove authenticity. If you do not have the documents, contact an expert who can help you with this task. Remember that a work, even one with an important signature, cannot be sold at the right market value if it does not have the right requirements.

    The activity of valuing a work is carried out by an art expert. There are many factors to take into account for this activity, so always be well-informed about the experience of the professional you turn to. Some professionals or auction houses offer valuations for FREE, but be careful, the valuation is unlikely to be in your favour.

    The value of a work of art is determined by several factors, including its quality, originality, historical significance and rarity. Its collectors’ interest, market trends and presence in art institutions. Its state of preservation, materials, dimensions and provenance. The presence of the certificate of authenticity, publications and awards and finally, the emotion it arouses and its intrinsic beauty. Remember that an expert’s analysis is essential for an accurate valuation, taking into account all factors and market developments.

    To recognise an authentic work of art one has to observe authentic works of art, analysing their details. This activity must be accompanied by the study of art history, techniques and materials. It is essential to rely on experts, in particular art historians. Frequent specialised libraries, be wary of low prices, unverifiable certificates and lack of documentation. Remember that authenticity is a very complex activity, requiring study and experience. Trust the experts.

    Falling into the trap and buying a fake is quite common. Therefore, to avoid falling victim to scams, it is advisable to buy from art galleries, art dealers and auction houses with a proven reputation. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity, photographs, expertise, provenance and history of the work. Always be wary of low prices, unverifiable certificates and lack of documentation. Consult an independent art expert and ask him to verify the work and documentation. Remember that caution is essential to avoid buying a fake.

    Verifying authenticity is one of the basic tasks carried out by archives and foundations. Normally, these institutions are run by the artist’s family and art experts. To facilitate the verification activity, it is always useful to send these institutions not only a photo of the work, but also documents, research and evidence. If you are not able to do all this, contact an experienced art historian who will help you in this delicate task. Remember that a work with a certificate of authenticity has an important economic and artistic value.